Monday, November 25, 2013

Dream Time

I'm just finishing up reading Brendon Burchard's The Charge, with all its reminders of the joy and necessity of living our truth. This is a daily inquiry for me, informing every moment, every action, almost every thought. The ideal of expressing our deep truth in every second of our lives, bringing joy and life to the world and encouraging others by our example and our words to do the same, is in the front of my mind every hour of every day. last section of my novel The Moment of Change (extract below) addresses this idea directly as the protagonist, Ocean, twenty-eight-year-old ex-rebel-schoolgirl, sets up a Dream Time club at a local high school, bringing out not only the passions and dreams of the students, but of the principal as well.

So apart from the obvious: listening to our hearts, tuning into intuition, doing the brave things when they rise up from us, what does following our dreams consist of? For me, in the absence of dramatic inner direction, my rule is to do what is in front of me and keep going till it's done.

Today I have an article to write and some pieces for the Paris Women of Success collaborative book My Paris Story: Living, loving and leaping without a net in the City of Lights to edit. This morning I finished writing my own chapter for that book. I have a client's book to continue editing, an inspiring look at connected parenting by Dr. Linda Mallory; I have a call with my mastermind group this afternoon, an email to write to a friend of a friend, encouraging him to write the book that is in him and then, summoning all my courage, my video Writer's Blog post to do. Once all that gets done, or at least progressed, or if intuition prompts me in the meantime, there are many, many other possibilities and opportunities to be created or followed up.

Living my dreams, for me, for the most part, is just a matter of doing the next obvious thing.

Back to Ocean and the school principal. Here's an extract of their conversation. You'll notice the trumpet theme coming through again:

“So what are you thinking? How would it work?”

“The idea is very simple. Do something you love, for a little time each day. It could be five minutes, half an hour, anything. The point is to respect and act on that part of you that is who you really are. Sure there’s practical stuff to do. But for a few minutes, each day, you connect with yourself, what you want, what you love to do. Do you have any hobbies, Mr Howarth?”

“Please call me Henry. No, not really, no. I read, in the holidays, but during term there’s not time for, well, anything, really.”

“And before, in the past?”

“Well, I used to play the trumpet. I was in a jazz band, when I was at university. I enjoyed that.”

I smiled at his smile, as he remembered. “Do you still have it, the trumpet?”

“Yes, I do, somewhere.”

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