Thursday, November 7, 2013

Fireworks and passion

My friend Kathryn loves fireworks. Well, we all love fireworks, but this is a special passion, a vivid display of personal fireworks on her face when she even talks about it. Watching her run out onto the lawn with a box of matches in her hand is something else again.

I love that passion, and I want to be around it, be near it, experience it vicariously, be as close to it as possible. I feel a little sadness this year, because Kathryn lives in New Zealand and I am in France. I have a rare sense of missing something precious.

At the same time, that sense of regret shows me something beautiful: that being passionate, expressing ourselves fully, indulging our delights brings a contagious joy. I find myself smiling just at the memory of those fireworks evenings, that shining face, of previous years.

This morning brought me a parallel joy, a new contact through my work as The Flow Writer: Michelle Pozon, The Closet Guru in Paris. Michelle worked as a successful fashion designer in New York for twenty years and now finds joy bringing out the beauty in her clients, mostly working with what they already have in their closets. She said "I just see outfits everywhere. I see clothes. The greatest joy for me is bringing out the beauty that already exists in every woman."

Spending time in conversation with people who are living their passion, their joy, is such a gift, such a delight.

So now, it must be our turn to do the same, pass on the gift of our passion to those around us. To me, that sounds like divine permission to go for it, and live my passion, too. How about you?

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