Tuesday, June 3, 2008

How to Prepare a House For Sale

Big news! I am taking a new direction with my business and life. (Work IS life, right?)

Previously primarily a Home Staging and Furniture Rental business - lots of fun, but very much a local market - I am now moving to being a global "weightless" business (if you don't count me.) That means selling the furniture and accessories - ideally to someone who would love to have a similar successful little Christchurch-based business, contact me if you live in Christchurch and you're interested - and focusing on my passions, which are consultations, professional speaking, newspaper and magazine articles and audio products.

My new MP3 audio "How to Prepare a House For Sale" is available from the Home Style website www.homestyle.co.nz. There's a free sample track "Instant Improvements" to try, or for those needing to prepare for sale quickly.

It took a long time to build up the courage to produce the audio - every time the recording studio sent a new version it would sit for a month before I could bring myself to listen to it.

But I'm past that now, in fact, I am now producing audio Interviews with Experts myself. More on that later.



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