Saturday, June 7, 2008

How to Make a Room Seem Bigger


Here's a simple tip for enjoying your home more.

Our sense of space is not dictated so much by the actual size of the room, but by how far we can see. This means we can make a room seem larger by extending the views.

There are a few simple ways we can do this:
  • Open curtains and blinds so you can see out better
  • Cut back foliage outside windows
  • Place a visual focal point at the end of the view outside to draw the eye out
  • Open doors to other rooms and place visual focal points at the end of those view
  • Hang pictures with perspective, such as landscapes or interiors of buildings
  • Use mirrors to bring long views back to the doorway to the room, or anywhere you sit

The other important thing is to have a clear walking path through the room - even a large room feels cramped if you can't move around it easily.

Imagine standing looking at a blank wall. Now replace the wall in your mind with a view out over a harbour or mountains. Feel the space expand?

Have a great day!


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