Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Everyone needs a space of their own

One of the first things I ask a client when doing a Home and Lifestyle consultation is"Does everyone who lives here have a place they can go if they want to be alone?"

When people choose to be together, they usually get on pretty well; if they are together when they would prefer not to be we sometimes get disharmony.

Sometimes we find someone goes out to the pub, or to tinker in the garage, because there is nowhere in the house they can be alone.

The first thing is to recognise that it is fine for people to want time alone. Half an hour can make a big difference to someone who wants time to chill, get their thoughts and emotions together.

So where do we find the space?

For children it will often be their bedroom. If they share a room with a sibling, create a system to split the time - perhaps a timetable or a sign on the door with a timer. A chair in the corner of the bedroom may work well for you as well. Take some time to tidy and make the space look welcoming. Put some magazines or books nearby. And create a view from your chair - hang a mirror so it reflects something attractive or a picture to look at.

If all else fails, the car may be the answer. On a two week holiday I have been known to leave the family in the hotel room and drive around the corner to read for an hour.

The key to acceptance of this behaviour is to come back sunny and bright so everyone sees the upside.

Have a great day!


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