Saturday, July 25, 2009

Love Your Home five minute exercise

Is there a room in your home that is not the way you want it to be? What if you could do a five minute exercise to change the way you feel about it?

It may be just one room, or perhaps in the midst of a busy life, a vague general feeling about the house as a whole.

Take five minutes in a quiet place and close your eyes. How would you like to describe it once it is everything you want it to be? What words would you choose? What would it feel like? Who would be there? What would you be doing in it?

Create a visual image of what it looks like once the changes have been made and get a sense of how you feel. If no image comes to mind, that's fine, just get a sense of the feeling. Stay with that for a minute or two, enjoy it.

And that's it! Exercise complete!

Once you have done this exercise you may be inspired to make some immediate changes, or you may not feel the need to make any changes now, you may just notice in a day or two or three that you are moving things around, bringing things in, taking things out, using the room in the new way. Whether the changes are immediate or take a little while, in your heart they have already been made.


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